3 tricks to increase sleep and improve happiness

What would you give for a product that will make you smarter? It will make you lose weight faster. And you’ll become more joyful in life. Well, sleep does exactly that.

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Skipping on sleep also makes for some time days when unmotivated

Note: This essay was written as part of my #ship30for30 journey

Writing about the need for sleep online is nothing new. Over the last couple of years, getting sufficient sleep has become a hot topic for health enthusiasts and benefits are widely documented. Therefore, I’m not going to make the case for sleeping more. The evidence is overwhelming by now.

While the advantages might be obvious, the average person still only sleeps 6½ hours while they should be doing 7-9 hours. After a period of getting too little myself, I wanted to use this essay as a reminder on what to focus on.

How to get more sleep and increase the quality of it

1) Keep a schedule. Go to bed, and wake up at the same time every day as much as possible. Build a body rhythm to follow, which will make it easier

2) Stay away from any screens the last hour of the day. Go read books instead. Stop browsing your phone and don’t keep a TV in the bedroom. Beds are for sleeping, not for entertainment (at least not that kind!).

3) Create an optimal environment for sleeping. Make the bedroom optimal for sleep. Make it as dark as possible (huge recommendation on blackout curtains), remove the red light that might be hiding, and don’t be stuffed or starving

Sleep is the cheapest and most effective way to invest in yourself, your health and your personal performance. We should all prioritize it much higher. And if you’re still in doubt, go sleep on it.

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